“Straight Up Electronica! Vol 2” Now Available In Stores

After the successful start of the new compilation series “Straight Up Electronica!” that started at the end of the summer, this series became a instant success and today we are very proud to bring you the “Straight Up Electronica! Vol 2” of this brand new series, packed with 24 tracks that represents the modern sound of Electronica.

Electronica has grown to influence mainstream crossover recordings. Electronic sounds began to form the basis of a wide array of popular music in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and became key to the mainstream pop and rock sounds of the 1980s. Since the adoption of “electronica” in the 1990s to refer to more underground music with an electronic aesthetic, elements of modern electronica have been adopted by many popular artists in mainstream music. Many artists such as Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, and Depeche Mode are considered electronica.

Play it loud, enjoy!

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Track List:
1. GANZ – Dino War (Original Mix)
2. Awe – Triassic (Original Mix)
3. MitiS – Mirages (Original Mix)
4. Opiuo – Life feat Gift of Gab & Syreneiscreamy (Ketatonic Remix)
5. Vespers – In The Wild (Original Mix)
6. Clyde Machine – Moonlight Over Istanbul (Original Mix)
7. Delhi 2 Dublin – High As You Want (Original Mix)
8. Spread Seagull – Shadowy Faces (Original Mix)
9. SubLion – Valleys (Original Mix)
10. HSKY – Kush Bitch (Original Mix)
11. matphilly – A New Version Of Me (Naughty Bear Remix)
12. Wumbaloo – Soar (Original Mix)
13. Maddela – Subway (Original Mix)
14. Niteppl – Summer Eyes (Original Mix)
15. Irama Pacific – Free (Original Mix)
16. Jhonatan Mandato – Not Afraid (Original Mix)
17. Isis Graham – You (Original Mix)
18. The Number Line – Fever Dream feat Piper Davis (Original Mix)
19. Tomas Balaz – Til End (Original Mix)
20. Mutehead – Smile (Original Mix)
21. Nanok – Louder
22. Mario Yume – Overseas (Intro)
23. Jaques Le Noir – Winning (Original Mix)
24. Mark Walter – Lies (Original Mix)