Afternoon Diesel “Made Of Love” Now Available In Stores

Self proclaimed obsessive perfectionist and Seattle-based producer and DJ Afternoon Diesel makes his Straight Up! debut with the future bass/pop crossover “Made Of Love.” The soft but gritty vocals lent by songstress Naomi Wild are complimented by the bass-heavy drop that makes this a pop crossover with some grunt behind it. We hope you enjoy

“Monsters Vol. 2” Now Available in Stores

We are very excited to announce the official release of “Monsters Vol. 2” including 3 unreleased original songs by ARTIK, Champagne Poppers and Brnz. The album also includes 5 previously released but timeless goodies by CRVNTIS, DaanDee, Holygunner, Orby and 1000DaysWasted. We hope you enjoy this bass heavy release on Playing With Monsters!   Stream

FREEVØ “Fall” Featured In Spotify’s “Electrosafari” Playlist

Big shoutout to our friends over at Spotify Mexico for showing “Fall” by FREEVØ some love on one of their most popular playlists “Electrosafari” – agradecemos su apoyo! You guys should definitely follow the playlist, great selections and music included!

FREEVØ “Fall” Featured on EDM Reviewer

Shoutout to our good buds over at EDM Reviewer for the kind words about FREEVØ’s latest and greatest “Fall.” We appreciate it! Read more:

Jakk’D & CHRIS BRRY “Down” Featured In Spotify’s “Ochtendklok” Playlist

Big shoutout to the Spotify Netherlands’ crew for their continued support of Jakk’D & CHRIS BRRY’s “Down” featuring Kristie Alexandra, this time by adding it to their “Ochtendklok” playlist, the perfect soundtrack for your morning commute!

Doubts “XYZ” Now Available In Stores

Australian producer Doubts shows his versatile with his Playing With Monsters debut “XYZ” featuring rapper ets. Off the back of his melodic future bass debut “Motions,” Doubts is showing a complete 180 turn in style with an aggressive Hip Hop/Rap anthem!   Stream / Download:

FREEVØ “Fall” Featured In Spotify’s “Fresh Finds: Hiptronix” Playlist

We couldn’t be happier with the amazing support from Spotify on our latest two releases, in particular the Fresh Finds editors, this time FREEVØ’s future pop single “Fall” was included in their “Hiptronix” playlist at #7 – we have said this many times but the Fresh Finds playlists are some of our favorite to listen

FREEVØ “Fall” Featured on Acid Stag

Much love to the folks over at Acid Stag for supporting FREEVØ’s new single “Fall” on their blog, we appreciate the support and kind words! Read more:

FREEVØ “Fall” Featured In Spotify’s “Hot New Dance Tracks” Playlist

Shoutout to the Spotify NL team for their continued support on their “Hot New Dance Tracks” playlist, this time you can listen to FREEVØ’s new single “Fall” in it. Check out the full playlist, it includes lots of great tracks!

Jakk’D & CHRIS BRRY “Down” Featured on RaverRafting

Big shoutout to our friends over at RaverRafting for supporting the latest from Jakk’D and CHRIS BRRY called “Down” featuring the beautiful vocals of Kristie Alexandra, we appreciate the love and support! Read more:

FREEVØ “Fall” Now Available In Stores

We are excited to welcome FREEVØ to the Straight Up! family with the release of their new single “Fall” a hybrid mix of electronic elements and pop music. Known for pushing boundaries and creating new sounds, FREEVØ, a group made up by producer Chris Barry and singer/songwriter Blair Drummery is ready to show the world

Jakk’D & CHRIS BRRY “Down” Featured In Spotify’s “Fresh Finds: Hiptronix” Playlist

Big thank you to Spotify for adding Jakk’D & CHRIS BRRY’s “Down” featuring Kristie Alexandra to their “Fresh Finds: Hiptronix” playlist. We are big fans of their FRESH FINDS playlists, they are one of the most important to discover new amazing talent. Be sure to subscribe and listen, lots of great music included!